Denver Street Photography - AAU Project

My goal with this project was to capture the personality of downtown by photographing people of Denver in candid moments that as they unfolded in front of me. I utilized both framing and timing to create images at decisive moments hopefully in an artful way. Sometimes composition resolved in my lens and sometimes I had to compose with more purpose and thought but each scene was a reaction to what I saw at that moment and pressed the shutter. I used a Canon DSLR and it was harder to blend in. Sometimes I was noticed and sometimes folks were oblivious. I don’t mind being noticed since it can create interest when someone reacts to me and my camera as in the image with the street preacher holding the cross. He is centered and looking directly at me - it puts me right there in the scene with him. In five of these images, direct eye contact was made at the release of the shutter. The others were not aware of my presence. When I am not noticed, just as interesting captures can be created as people conduct their activities on the streets. Either way, these images come from subjectivity since I focused on a specific moment to create an impactful scene with camera. Black and white was used because I see this as a way of adding a level of abstractness to the images I created. The black and white helps me see the image as less about the person or persons in the image and more about the form and narrative created.