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Lagniappe in the South means that something is a bonus or extra. It started with merchants offering a gift with purchase to their customers except they called it lagniappe! I love lagniappe! I am Anna Siracusa and here is a lil lagniappe about me. I am from Southern Louisiana, specifically New Orleans but I live in Denver, CO these days. I love designing "stuff" and learning all the latest and greatest techniques - it's a constant journey and education. I am a desktop publisher, graphic and web designer, PowerPoint specialist, photography hobbyist and just about anything that comes in between. I am also a social media enthusiast and fascinated that this medium has such a powerful impact on people, business and education - not sure where the human race would be without it!

I have an Associate of Applied Science in Web Design and an Associate of Applied Science in Graphic Design, and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Digital Design from Rasmussen College, School of Design. I am currently in a graduate program at Purdue University for a Master's of Science in Education, Learning Design and Technology.


















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