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I am from New Orleans but I live in Denver, CO these days. I love designing "stuff" and learning all the latest and greatest techniques - it's a constant journey and education. I am a desktop publisher, graphic and web designer, PowerPoint specialist, photography and lomography hobbyist and just about anything that comes in between. I am also a social media enthusiast and fascinated that this medium has such a powerful impact on people, business and education - not sure where the human race would be without it!

I have a couple of design degrees and I am almost done with a Master of Science in Education, Learning Design and Technology from Purdue. I consider myself a life-long learner and take MOOCs whenever possible.  Not too long ago, I participated in a Canvas Network MOOC for phoneography.  It was fun to learn more about using my phone for photography and had to set up a site for the course project.  Here is my student site for that course – My Phoneography.  It inspired me to take a 365 challenge where I take or process one picture a day for 365 days.  I have been posting them each day at this link – My 365 - since October 2014 and it’s been fun!  One other project in the works is a book called They Matter which is focused on the homeless population in Denver. This project should be complete by Summer of 2015.

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